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We have one page websites with an unparalled personal service. All information is in the magnificent advertisement below.

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Is my website effective in finding me weddings?
Can searches on Google result on more weddings for me? or on Bing? or on other search engines?

Every celebrant should have a website so that potential clients can gain necessary information about you i.e. what you are prepared to do, where you are prepared to go, whether you have a PA system, whether you provide resources, whether you do on-site rehearsals, etc, etc.

Whether your website is with us (the best deal), or someone else, expectations must be realistic. Though our website pages come up on the first page of Google and Bing quite often, you should presume in the first place that you may not come up there.

The reason for this is simple - there are 6000 more celebrants than are needed. So if you are in, say, the country town I know, which currently has 26 celebrants, you are competing with 25 other celebrants to be on those first six entries on that first page. Some rich celebrants pay up to $800 a month to SEO companies to beat everyone else. There are hundreds of celebrants, for example, in the CBD of Melbourne.

If you are the only celebrant in a country town and the searching person types in- "marriage celebrant Cohuna" our celebrant Julie Smith will come to the top.

So you need to promote your own website - make sure it is on your business card, make sure it is in your email signature (i.e. at the bottom of every email you ever send). Make sure you include the link with any enquiries to which you reply. Make sure you supply it to local council published service lists or to the local media if you get any publicity etc.

Let us say someone recommends you but they do not have your contact details so the people concerned search on Google or Bing, we have proved that if someone is looking for you by name i.e.- "Mary Jones marriage celebrant" - we mostly come up top of the page.

Though we give you every assistance, the words you choose to describe yourself and especially the photographs you choose to present yourself are very important in ensuring that you website is effective. A photograph which shows you happily interactive with a couple portrays you as someone comfortable and obliging - that is what people are looking for.

Another action you can take in the help-yourself department is to visit your page often and linger in it. More importantly ask your friends to search for you and get them to open your page and linger. More importantly still, from other websites e.g. venues, or funeral directors or florists with which you are friendly, organise a link to your website. This is powerful way of impressing Mr Google. (You can return the compliment of course - when you "swap links" we update your website on request.)

Metadata: This is information required by Google and the other Search engines. It is not on your website page but it is in "the code" - behind-the-scenes. We are very careful to make sure this information is right for you.

So for $150 per year you do get a great deal for your money. You also support the college in the many community service ways we work to develop Australian Culture through ceremonies.