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Professional Development 2018

Please reserve your plans for OPD in 2018. We are waiting on a decision from the AG's Department on whether Associations can claim conferences as fulfilling OPD. If so we will be recommending that you come to a conference !

The ICCA: 2017 Coming Events

ICCA Dinner & Meeting / Discussion
Wednesday August 2 (Celebrant Spirituality-Dally)
6.45pm to 9pm

(then Tuesday October 3
and Wednesday December 6 (Xmas))

This one is at the Sporting Globe (Town Hall) Hotel, 288 Bridge Road, Richmond (Luke): Directions
Melway page 2H-B6
By Car
On-Street parking only - Unrestricted parking in most areas along Bridge Road after 6.30pm Best parks are on the Town Hall side of the road opposite the Hotel.
It is approx 130 metres east of Church Street opposite the Richmond Town Hall).

Train: It is best to catch the train to Flinders St, then catch the 75 Tram. (It is quite a walk from West or East Richmond stations)
Tram: from Flinders St take the 75 tram. From Collins Street take the 48 Tram
Tram: From the South Yarra area take No.78 or 79 Tram along Church St to Stop 61.

Sometimes we have it at:
Burmese House, 303 Bridge Road Richmond
. For those of you who have attended dinners at the Sporting Globe Hotel in Richmond, Burmese House is on the opposite side of Bridge Road from the hotel and a bit closer to Church Street. They have an upstairs room which will be very suitable, provide good food, with friendly service. You can also BYO wine if you wish.

Here is their menu -

Directions to the Burmese House - (near but opposite the Sporting Globe / Town Hall Hotel)
Melway page 2H-B6
On-Street parking only - Unrestricted parking in most areas along Bridge Road after 6.30pm

Approx 130m East of Church Street (near Richmond Town Hall).
From Swan Street – Travel North along Church Street for 800m. Turn right at Bridge Rd. Burmese House is on left.

To Flinders st and then the 75 Tram. (The 48 tram goes there via Collins St)

Tram: Take No.48 or 75 Tram along Bridge Rd from the city.
Or a tram along Church St to Bridge Rd to Stop 61. Turn at Bridge Rd. Walk East

at 6.45 pm (Finishing at 9pm)

Ro Bailey
Social Secretary - International College of Celebrancy Alumni & Friends
Phone: 03 9819 9106

All welcome