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The ICCA: Insurance for Celebrant Members


From July 1, 2016

ICCA membership $50.00
Option 1: Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance $50.00
Option 2: CAL Copyright Licence $50.00
Membership - Insurance - Copyright $150.00
Option 3: One page personal website $150 p.a

Optional extras.

Details of the Group Insurance Cover

Details of the CAL Copyright cover

ICCA is a member of CoCa Association. As such, we are able to offer our members the benefits of Group PI & PL Celebrant Insurance and CAL Copyright Licence cover. Just $150 pa will entitle you to all three - Membership, Insurance and Copyright Cover. Compared to many other associations, this is a terrific deal!

For progress or clarifications in this area please contact the Secretary.